Want to know the #1 Secret to Avoid Self-Sabotage?




From the Desk of Rae Majors-Wildman


Do you know that more people will do for others than they would do for themselves? Why?  It is because of our strong desire to be part of a community.  It is our desire to be loved, accepted and validated that will keep us from letting others down.  This insight is what I use to help myself personally and the clients that I serve to avoid self-sabotage once and for all.  What I have learned is if you surround yourself with like-minded people they will empower you to show up differently.

As a matter fact, the right community will call you on your stuff.  And more importantly they will challenge you to step into  your greatness.  They will hold you ACCOUNTABLE!

Accountability is simply defined as “Actions towards or involving others that reflect the integrity of the person you want to be.”

They see your greatness and they refuse to let you hide from whom you are called to be.

This is why I created YOUR community.   I really designed this program for you.  This is what I dreamt of when I first started my company.

I wanted to play with change agents, with powerful leaders, with people like you who wanted to play bigger…I designed  INFLUENCE with you in mind.

Who is this program for?

  • The Solo-preneur/Lone Ranger
  • If you are tired of wasting time trying to figure it out
  • No support, encouragement or someone to synergize with
  • Stuck in a vacuum of doing things from the Old Paradigm.

And now you are ready to shift. I invite you to join my community.  I invite you to become a part of:


“From zero to $1,200,000.00 in less than ten months–Rae’s strategies worked perfectly.”
Tom Sell, Complete Marine Freight

This program is ideal for the service-based professional who is ready to move away from trading time for money and looking to create a scalable business. If you feel like you are the hamster on the wheel…this program is for YOU!

The Platinum Level is interactive and delivered virtually via telephone. There is no better opportunity for entrepreneurs on all levels to rise to new heights and to challenge themselves to reach and achieve their most outrageous business and financial goals. INFLUENCE Mastermind Alliance is THE place for LEADERS and those wanting to INFLUENCE the world to come together and champion and support one another’s vision.

Can you imagine having a community where there is no competition? And through collaboration we are the pebble on the pond causing a rippling effect for powerful CHANGE to our environment and the world.


Benefits of the Platinum Level include:

  • 12 Virtual Mastermind Calls (90 minutes in duration) where we cover critical topics designed to keep you on track with creating your profitable six-figure-plus business. During this call, you will experience true Masterminding based on Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind Principle. Each member of the alliance will actively participant and are dedicated to helping to giving you direction, guidance and support in achieving your business goals.
  • MP3 of all Platinum Calls available for your immediate download each month, so you can add them to your business success library.
  • Exclusive INFLUENCE Mastermind Online Forum to interact with other Mastermind members, ask questions, get feedback, share resources, offer your services, run ideas past each other, and more.
  • PROMOTING Your Products/Services. As part of the alliance, you will be able to have your business promoted by the other professionals in the group.  What would it mean to your business if you have other Influential entrepreneurs recommended your products or services to their database?
  • Private Facebook Group to engage, interact and ask questions and build your community.  (We know that you are already on Facebook, so we want to meet you where you are.)
  • VIP Pricing on all new products launched by Rae Majors-Wildman (Usually 20-50% off)
“Rae is truly a powerful and masterful coach.  Her straight-forward and no-nonsense approach to coaching will get you unstuck and move you beyond the limiting beliefs that have sabotage you in the past.  She is 100% committed to your success and is skilled in helping you to create a step-by-step roadmap that will not only produce extraordinary results in your business but more importantly in your life”
John Assaraf, NY Times Best-Selling Author of The Answer


This program is by application ONLY!  Why?  To protect and insure that we only have highly motivated, driven, on-purposed entrepreneurs committed to their success and the success of our Alliance.  Once accepted into the program you will receive these amazing, off-the-hook  bonuses.  This is my way of rewarding those who are willing to take immediate action and invest in themselves and their business.


*LIVE 2-Day Platinum Mastermind Training Events with Rae Majors-Wildman. This customized event includes cutting-edge business success training.  Attendees will also experience live masterminding. Plus, the opportunity to be featured in the “hot seat” where you can ask Rae your most burning questions.  Not to mention, time built into the event for self-reflection, relationship building and FUN!  We absolutely believe that you can play your way to success.  This live event has a healthy blend of business building as well as rejuvenation.

Our prospective meeting date is going to be held at an Exotic Location TBD. ($3,000 Value – Travel & Accommodations not included)



*FREE VIP Ticket to Rae’s Upcoming LIVE Event. Choose between Automation2Wealth LIVE, Skryocket Your Sales Summit or Entrepreneur Mind Mastery. Each training is designed to teach you the leading cutting edge systems for business growth.  Including Online Marketing Success Systems, Lead Generation and Lead Conversion Systems, Outsourcing Success Strategies, Follow-Up Systems for Client Conversion and much more! ($2,000 value)

*Accommodations and travel is not included

To be considered for this program, you will must register now.  Once you are register, you will receive an application to submit along with a personal invitation from me to schedule an interview.  Don’t worry, it is really painless!  This is simply to make sure your truly understand your commitment and are willing to play FULL out.

Please note if you are not accepted, your payment will be immediately refunded.


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“In order to take my business to the next LEVEL. Rae was my answer.”
Lisa Garcia-Ruiz, The Grant Hunter